In 2016 Fairfield Chemical Carriers celebrates 20 years of providing trusted chemical tanker logistics support to our customers. When the Company was established its founders and management team set out to define what best practice and customer service in the long haul parcel tanker trade should mean. The result of that early vision is today’s stable and respected organization - a team of experienced professionals, guided by dedication to responsible and safe operating practices, who care for a fleet of modern fully stainless steel chemical tanker vessels.

Management and staff throughout the organization are focused on delivering what our customers ask for and need. The goal is to take worry and headaches out of the ocean transportation portion of our charterer’s supply chain – making it, instead, an area where they can rest easy knowing we treat their shipments as our own and deliver on our promises. Fairfield works cooperatively and responsively as a true problem solving partner. Creativity and an unsurpassed level of customer service are trademarks of the Fairfield brand. Through an unfaltering commitment to these core goal values, Fairfield is proud to have become the carrier of choice in the Company’s selected markets.

Fairfield controls a fleet of more than 30 modern 20,000MT and 25,000MT deadweight chemical tanker vessels, fully stainless steel, trading worldwide and carrying a wide range of bulk liquid commodities. As an independent private company, Fairfield is free to take a very long term approach to operating and growing the business. The Company is not burdened by short term profit motivations or a strategy requiring management to seek “market share” at the expense of service. Staff and fleet growth is organic and carefully matched to the increasing demand we are receiving from our customers. Fleet expansion is managed through a responsible and measured program of building new vessels, through long term vessel charters with stable owners that share the same high standards as Fairfield, and through joint ventures with first class operating partners.

Fairfield offices are located strategically in major shipping markets to ensure all company functions are conducted efficiently, safely, and seamlessly. Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc. located in Wilton, CT USA is the head office of the group. The Wilton office, along with Fairfield Chemical Carriers BV in Rotterdam, and Fairfield Chemical Carriers Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, are jointly responsible for chartering activities and marketing the fleet. Vessel operations are coordinated by responsive and dedicated staff located at the Wilton and Singapore offices. Experienced marine superintendents, part of Fairfield’s fulltime staff, are deployed around the world providing shipboard support to ensure smooth and worry free cargo operations. Fairfield Japan Ltd., with offices in Tokyo and Singapore, is responsible for owned tonnage – overseeing construction, financing, and technical management oversight of the owned fleet.

Service –Safety – Stability – Stainless: key words that define our highly focused group. Fairfield strives to exceed the expectations of our customers and has the personnel and tonnage to deliver on this commitment. The entire Fairfield team looks forward to the next 20 years of providing quality and reliable world class service to our customers and partners.
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