Fairchem Restio and Crew

January 2022

We welcome the new year with a new delivery.  The Fairchem Restio was added to the FCC lineup on January 14. She is the third sister ship in our South African flower class along with the Fairchem Fynbos, Fairchem Protea and the soon-to-be delivered Fairchem Rooibos.

Fairchem Rooibos

December 10, 2021

Confetti is in the air for The Fairchem Rooibos.  She was recently launched by Fukuoka Shipbuilding in Nagasaki, Japan and will be joining her sister vessels, the Fairchem Protea, Fairchem Fynbos and Fairchem Restio in the new year.  We look forward to adding her to our fleet.

NEW DELIVERY – Fairchem Fynbos

The Fairchem Fynbos officially joined the FCC Fleet on September 24, 2021. She will be our last new build vessel of 2021. For her maiden voyage she will be carrying a cargo of Sulphuric Acid across the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Mexico. The Fairchem Fynbos is equipped with SMART ship technology that will assist with day-to-day vessel operations.

Fairchem Restio

August 31 turned out to be a beautiful day to watch the launching of the Fairchem Restio.  She a sister ship to the recently delivered Fairchem Protea and we expect to see her joining our fleet at the turn of the year.

WELCOME Fairchem Protea

Fairfield Chemical Carriers welcomes the Fairchem Protea to her fleet.  The 20K vessel was delivered on Fukuoka Shipbuilding and delivered on August 20.  She is the latest in the line of eco-friendly vessels that have been added to the FCC fleet.  Her first port of call will be Walvis Bay in Namibia.

LNG Powered

It is with great pleasure we announce that Fairfield Chemical Carriers has concluded a multi-vessel newbuilding program with Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., for the construction of 2 x 26,300 DWT stainless steel chemical tankers with options for an additional 4 vessels.   All vessels will have dual-fuel/LNG propulsion, 26 Duplex stainless steel cargo tanks, energy reducing improvements to hull design and equipment, and will be outfitted with a smart ship platform to further optimize performance and efficiency.  The official press release can be viewed here.

Our Latest Social Endeavor

In honor of World Ocean Day FCC staff in Wilton, CT teamed up with NAMEPA for a hands-on event to collect debris in the local waterways.  The crew, pictured above, picked up almost 100 pounds of trash from the Norwalk River and surrounding area.  We thank NAMEPA for hosting this event and all participating staff who navigated the mud and grime to make the world a little better.